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Information kontakt: 00385 98 892 480



Layover fee for all the vessels on annual and monthly berth is payable in advance, otherwise daily berth fee will be charged.

In case the contract is cancelled, no refund will be issued.

The berth can only be used by the vessel for which the berth was paid for.

In case of departing the vessel from marina before annual berth contract has expired the owner doesnt retain the berth place for another vessel, but concludes new contract with marina for the vessel in arrival.




Electricity (charging batteries 10 A) consumption for the vessel till 10m length is included in the berth price for all vessels connected on cupboards without readouts unless the guest is accommmodating the vessel over 45 days in the year. In that case  electricity consumption will be extra charged, regardless of weather the vessel is on daily, montly or annual berth or if it is currently placed on land. All vessels connected to cupboards with consumption readout, electricity  consumption will be charged according to the amount used.

When washing the vessel, use of water regulators (so called water guns) is obligatory. If the regulator is not used while washing the boat, water consumption will be additionally charged.

Water consumption is charged with coins, for a price in the coin you will get a certain amount of water.In some natural and technical emergencies (long periods of drought, repairs or water restrictions) the marina reserves the right to forbid boat washing. In case something like this occurs, all guests will be notified on time.



























































































Marina "Ramova" Krvavica 01.01. 2016.


marina ramova
marina ramova
marina ramova
marina ramova

Additional fee for winter storage on land- can only be used by owners of vassels that are not being used for charter, in combination with the paid annual moorage in water and in accordance with the valid contract. Payment if this service is made in advance; in other words, solely during the conclusion of the Berth contract. Subsequent payment for this service  is not possible.Additional fee for winter storage on land includes:1 lift (Kran 20t) and low pee year,1 hull washing und vassel cradle during the contrac validity period. Note:


  • In case of daily berth, berth should be vacant by 14.00 of the last paid day. After 14.00 h additional day will be charged

Prices for storage on land are for ships they use only land storage.

Storage under 3 days will not be charged.

-     for catamarans und trimarans, prices for all services are increased for 50%

-     if the maximum width or lenght of the vessel exceeds a particular category, next price category will be charged

-     all vessels in charter will be charged for rental with prices increased by 5%

-     Marina reserves the right to check  declared dimensions for each vassel.


Price includes:

  • VAT

  • Use of sanitary facilitesand showers

  • Usual  consumption of dr

  • Place in the see with mooring

Note: The storage charge of the ship below the crane is calculated by the current price list. 

The price includes VAT


Maximum lenght of the tender is 2,5 m.

If the tender is not on or by  the master boat, berth will be charged according to the price list.

Montly and annual berth is paid in advance, otherwise daily berth use will be charged.

In case the fees are not paid in due time, interest will be charged in accordance with the legislative regulations.

Own cradles (excluding trailers) are not permitted for tehnical reasons, unless previously approved by the Board of Marina Ramova.

Service and repaid works on the vassel are permitted only within the service zone.

The space used during cleaning should be kept clean at all times, otherwise the marina will cherge cleaning costs of 380,00 kn.

In case of early cancellation of the contract or overpayment, no refund will be issued.

Overpayment is acknowledged and brought forward   to the next unpaid service.

All customers using the services of Marina Ramova hawe to oblige the following:

Conditions stated in the valid Marina Ramova  Contract as well as the Rules of conduct withing the marina Ramova harbor.

Marina Ramova  reserves the right to make changes and additions to thprice list as well as for any possible mistakes in print.

General provisions – Price list –

Order Regulation in the Krvavica port

Marina "Ramova" Krvavica

Krvavica 44,

21320 Baška Voda,

GSM: 00385 98 892 480


At the session held on May 12, 2001, the Executive Board of Fishermen Athletic Association “Ramova“ Krvavica, based on Article 3 of the Regulation on conditions and manner of maintaining order in harbors  and other inner sea waters and territorial sea waters of Republic of Croatia (Official Gazette 91/94), Article 22 of the Statute of Fisherman Athletic Association „Ramova“ Krvavica, and provisions of Article 5, paragraph 6 of the Agreement on concession of maritime welfare for the purpose of use and commercial use of special purpose harbor-athletic harbor in the area of Krvavica (Agreement between Splitsko-Dalmatinska County and Fisherman Athletic Association „Ramova“ Krvavica – concluded on July 16, 1999), issues the following








Article 1.


Athletic Harbor Krvavica (further referred to as the Harbor) is a harbor opened for public traffic, and it enables, under equal conditions, all companies and private persons to use the berth, operational shores and other facilities according to their purpose, and within limits of available capacities, if these rules and regulations or Croatian law do not state otherwise.


Article 2.


Rules and regulations on order in Harbor Krvavica (further referred to as Regulations) prescribe order in the Harbor, conditions for acquiring the right to use or end the use of berth and operational shores, surveillance over enforcement of order in the Harbor and measures for such enforcement.


Article 3.


Harbor represents the constructed and arranged part of the maritime zone, which is limited by:

  • North – west pier (operational part)

  • South – east pier

  • Operational shore between two piers and according to its purpose:

  1. Operational shore for short-term mooring and lifting vessels

  2. Operational shore for mooring vessels up to 9 meters long

  3. Operational shore for mooring vessels up to 4,5 meters long


Article 4.


On operational shores for mooring vessels are tied with quarter mooring (anchor or heavy weight) on the prow and with two stern ropes on the stern.


Article 5.


The price of yearly, monthly and daily use of berth, as well as the price of other services is determined by the Executive Board of Fishermen Athletic Association „Ramova“.


Article 6.


Harbor clients are companies or private persons who regularly pay their harbor fees.


Article 7.


Usage of electric energy and water will be charged according to the price determined by the Executive Board of Fisherman Athletic Association „Ramova“


Article 8.


Owner of the vessel is obliged to take care of the vessel docked in the Harbor and the owner of the vessel is responsible for any damages that respective vessel might incur on other vessels, shore, appliances, machines or facilities.


Article 9.


Administration and authority vessels, as well as the vessels performing work in the Harbor are exempt from Harbor fees.




Article 10.


Members of the Fishermen Athletic Association „Ramova“ have berth use priority, followed by other companies and private persons who pay harbor fees for the use of berth. Executive Board of Fisherman Athletic Association „Ramova“ allows the use of berth or lease of berth by concluding a contract with the interest party for the period not longer than one year.  However, the contract can be renewed when all obligations towards the Harbor are settled.


Article 11.


At no time can berth users acquire the right to permanent berth use.


Article 12.


In case that the berth user, with whom the contract was concluded regarding the temporary use of berth is not using the berth, he or she is still obliged to pay the fees as if the vessel were there, except in a case when another vessel is using that berth with the approval of Executive Board of Fisherman Athletic Association „Ramova“.


Article 13.


In case when lives or safety of vessels might be endangered, Harbor manager will ensure the mooring priority over all others, regardless of fee payment.




Article 14.


Temporary right to use of berth will be terminated at the time determined by the Contract.


Article 15.


Temporary right to use of berth will be terminated in the following cases:

  1. In case of mutual cancellation of Contract

  2. In case one of the parties to the contract fails to respect or fulfill obligations set forth in the contract, such as right to not use the berth or untimely payment, all in accordance with the provisions of the signed Contract.




Article 16.


Vessels are regularly moored by quarter mooring, at prow with anchor and at stern with two ropes of suitable cut for binding devices. Mooring rope cannot be floating, but must be the sinking type.

It is not allowed to leave floating moors, ropes or anything else that might interfere with the safety of the Harbor.


Article 17.

Each vessel in the Harbor must have quality fenders.

Each vessel must have three fenders of appropriate size on the side.


Article 18.


Navigation within the Harbor maritime zone is to oblige to the rule of the right-hand side. Vessels entering and exiting the Harbor must navigate at very low speed.

All vessels must have exhaust pipe throttle.


Article 19.


Right of passage belongs to that vessel which is exiting the Harbor.




Article 20.


Harbor manager can be elected by and among the Executive Board of Fisherman Athletic Associations „Ramova“or by public competition.





Article 21.


Oversight of enforcement of order in the Harbor is performed by the Port Authority Split – Makarska Branch (further referred to as the Port Authority).




Article 22.


The following is forbidden in the Harbor maritime zone:


  • To disable access to mooring devices

  • To transfer, remove or change berths

  • To weld or make bonfire on shore or in the vessel

  • To clean or scrape above or below water part of the vessel

  • To clean or scrape above or below water part of the vessel

  • To swim, skim or surf

  • To keep the boat propeller active except for the purpose of maneuvering the vessel

  • Any type of sea pollution

  • To use the boat toilette, except in cases when „black tank“ is installed in the vessel


Article 23.




  • All vessel users are obligated to provide the necessary documents at the request of the Harbor manager, regarding the vessels or persons present on it

  • All vessel users are obliged to undertake necessary measures against theft on their own vessel

  • Vessel users are obliged to deposit scraps into designated garbage containers

  • Vessels users can hook up to the electric cabinet only by using the appropriate cable and installation, and the maximum power permitted for that plug

  • It is not permitted to disturb the peace of other guests. It is forbidden to make noise and raise voice from 24-07

  • During the stay in the Harbor all users are obliged to respect the Harbor rules and regulations


Article 24.


Owner of the vessel takes full responsibility for the damage incurred on third parties, someone else's property or Harbor property, with his or her vessel, or incurred by any of the persons aboard that vessel.


Article 25.


Regulations on order in the Harbor make an integral part of the Contract on use of berth in the Harbor.


Article 26.




Article 27.


In case the client fails to respect the provisions of these Regulations, further use of stay in the Harbor may be terminated.


Article 28.


Regulations on conditions and manner of maintaining order in harbors and other inner sea waters and territorial sea waters of Republic of Croatia (Official Gazette 91/94) are applied to cases which are not defined by these Regulations.




Article 29.


Price list of harbor fees and services is an integral part of these Regulations


Article 30.


Regulations on conditions and manner of maintaining order in harbors and other inner sea waters and territorial sea waters of Republic of Croatia (Official Gazette 91/94) are applied to cases which are not defined by these Regulations.


Article 31.


Port Authority has given its consent to these Rules and Regulations.



Article 32.


These Rules and Regulations take effect immediately.




Krvavica, May 12. 2001.



Chairman of the Executive Board

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