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Marina “Ramova” – nautical tourism ports

nautical center


Technical data

The central part of the “Ramova” Marina has

160 berths at sea and 60 on land, i.e. a total of

255 berths. The Eastern part of the marina with

35 berths at sea is reserved for the members of

the PŠRD “Ramova”. The width of the entrance into

the central part of the marina is 18 m, while the highest depth, the wade, is up to 6.50 m.

  • electricity connection 16 A,

  • 32 A (single-phase and three-phase),

  • water connection 4-5 bars (a total of 100 connections)

  • parking places for 100 cars


Each cabinet at the mole, placed every 15 m, includes four connections for electricity, a light and two water pipes operating on coins so that water is used wisely. The electric cabinets are of the European standard. “Ramova” Marina covers 15,229 m2 of the sea, a pier and a dry dock of 14,032 m2 and a beach of 6,029 m2, while the sports part of PŠRD “Ramova” takes 4,782 m2, which makes a total of 40,072 m2.

It consists of:

  • The central sea surface

  • The Western and Northern pier – operating zones

  • The Eastern sea surface – PŠRD “Ramova”


There are sanitary blocks with showers in each of the sea surface sectors. The electricity consumption is calculated according to consumption for vessels longer than 10 meters.

The moles are guarded by a sea guard service 24/7.

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