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Competitions – Fishermen’s nights - Cocktail DJ party - Carnivals – Programmes for the youngest ones...

The small nautical tourism “Ramova” Marina port surprises every year with its summer events both its returning guests and many others who are looking for the best summer memories. Its people is what should be emphasized the most. All for the same goal... the most beautiful sea in this part of the universe. Every single year!

Fishing competitions – be a part of the team

Ramova Team

During your vacation in “Ramova” Marina, make use of the pleasures of free sports fishing guided by excellent fishing professionals of the “Ramova” Marina.


Good advice is worth its weight in gold!

It is up to you to give in to sweet expectation and thinking about how to trick the fish!

Text & Photo / Šime Duvančić

A fishing championship with a rod from the vessel of the Split-Dalmatia County took place on the last day of June for the seniors. The host of the competition, ŠRD Lubin from Split welcomed 65 fishermen from 22 clubs. In the waters before Stobreč, at the depths of 15 to 20 meters, during the extremely hot sun, one was mostly fishing for bogue.

 The heaviest individual catch was a saurel of 260 grams, a catch of Marin Čizmić from PŠRD Ramova from Krvavica. It was tricked close to the surface even though he was targeting fishing for the fish from the bottom – annular seabream, two-banded seabream, spider fish, peacock wrasse etc. The same tactics, a wrong one as it turned out, was applied also by the other contestants from the Makarska riviera. Despite a very good catch, none of them had the best catch on the vessel so that the second places were won by Željko Puharić, Zlatko Milkić, Marin Čizmić and Josip Biloš, while Slobodan Rudež and Mario Luburić took the third place. As a rule, better than all of them were only those who were aiming at the extremely numerous bogues.

“Life is a carnival, others are guilty”

Carnival by Ramova

The carnival time, time for dancing and good food, always turns the “Ramova” Marina into a film story in which both the hosts and the guests “turn wild” through picturesque creation of various costumes, accompanied by selected rhythms until the early morning hours.

For the most picturesque and fun costumes there is as a rule the “Ramova” prize to be remembered by!

The first wind saltworks in Croatia in Ramova!
Autor Adrion / Local Action Group
A specialty of the “Ramova” Marina in Krvavica is comprised also of the traditional production of the salt flower within the ingenious concept of the wind saltworks created by the engineer Ivan Šimić, an innovator.
The tradition of producing sea salt on the Eastern coasts of the Adriatic Sea is an anthropological heritage witnessed by numerous toponyms along the entire coastline / solalis, soline, slanica etc.

The new technology managed to avoid the negative impact of the precipitation and increase the impact of the wind and air pressure in the evaporation processes and, thus, one has managed to increase production by over 1000%. This project shows a fully ecological sea salt production in the wind saltworks system in twelve pools of an individual size of 12 m2 positioned at the pier of the Ramova Marina in Krvavica. The evaporation process and crystallisation take place incessantly and are present in the local community as an educational and tourist attraction. The wind saltworks represent a new sea salt production technology conceived by Ivan Šimić, an engineer who was awarded a golden plaque for the best innovation at ARCA 2010 in Zagreb.

Attractions at "Ramova" Marina
Autor Nina Glučina / Foto Ivo Ravlić HANZA MEDIA

Beside attractions very well known to all, the tourists are always after something different and new.

Tonči Čizmić, director of the “Ramova Krvavica” port, knows this very well. He recently added a Russian-Japanese sweetheart coming from Mostar to his rich treasury of unusual tourist attractions.

This is a true 200 kg heavy plane with wings that are nine meters long, “installed” on the roof of the port reception.

Tonči Čizmić, who is a very interesting person known to many, is among other things the mind and the soul of the Makarska carnival. He laughingly says that everyone wishes to see his international plane so that he could soon start charging for taking photos of it. He adds that now he is waiting for the ordered helmets and aviator glasses to arrive in order for it to be the real thing.


“This is a small aircraft. We plan to make it functional for emergencies, i.e. for attacks by those who do not love us.

The names are not important, everything is well known”, Mr. Čizmić says jokingly, adding that there are many people who love them, even more than the five hundred members of the PŠRD “Ramova Krvavica” association, the donations of whom, among others, bought this aircraft.

“The plane is only for two persons, which means that one must strictly pay attention to weight. The best combination is a fat person of 120 kilograms and a skinny girl of 50 kilograms.

The plane was in function and can still fly but we have not tried it out yet. And, to be honest, when I see the small engine, smaller than those in the refrigerators, I do not know whether I should try it out at all”, Mr. Čizmić says, explaining that the roof of the reception is simply the most appropriate place for the aircraft.

“Our new sweetheart is best visible on the roof and it is a true tourist sensation. It goes well with others of our attractions”, Mr. Čizmić adds. In a few days, he will write “Ramova Krvavica” in capital letters on the wings of the aircraft.

Artistic expressions in “Ramova” Marina
Autor DaneKsen

Art is never constricted by clichés and this is what makes it go on since the time immemorial.

The space in which it is located gains importance due to it. When a space is surrounded by the scent of the pines and the sea, it also becomes a mark of a time.
A different Ramova Marina!
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